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Welcome to Lyrster, your interactive song lyrics search engine. Our team of professional developers, music fanatics and content editors have built an ever-growing database of songs spanning virtually all genres, time periods and artists. The Lyrster search functionality adheres to an intelligent algorithm to ensure you find the exact title you're looking for. We are passionate about music and on a mission to share it with the world.

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Lyrster fills an important need on the Web. Perhaps you've heard a new tune you can't get out of your head or maybe just curious what exactly they're singing about. Either way, we're here to make your quest fast, simple and fulfilling. There are countless reasons why you may have ended up on this site today, but we strive everyday to deliver the information you're hoping to find by maintaining a complete, dynamic and constantly-evolving database of song lyrics.

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In addition to our primary objective of storing and cataloging thousands upon thousands of popular song lyrics and words, we offer a fresh stream of music industry news, happenings, events and more. Fans can also browse detailed artist information, biographies, ringtones and album details as well. Making Lyrster your new online destination for everything music.

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Clarifying and publishing song lyrics may be the central focus of this rather ambitious resource, but Lyrster has also created a platform for fans to discover new artists, songs and trends. We make no secret of our most-searched titles, top charts and in-demand genres, giving you a bird's eye view of where the world is musically on any given day. Visitors have the opportunity to not only read lyrics of these pieces but learn more about the singers, artists and bands while sampling their latest recordings.

Lyrster is your one-stop destination for song lyrics online. We are proud to keep our database of performers, albums and songs completely up to date, 24/7. Next time you're interested in knowing more about that tune, be sure to stop by and share our love for great music and the words behind it all.