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Are You Ready Lyrics

by PureNRG
Album: Here We Go Again
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Are you ready [Repeat x5]
Hey don't you know
I think it's time we bring it so
Hey feel the flow
Gotta keep up as we go
Round and round the globe
Love is international
Oh, I hope your ready now (are you ready)
We can take it to the street to everyone we meet
We gotta live it cause we are a family

Everybody, everywhere,
Come on it's time to go
Everyone's invited to the PureNRG show
Let me see you wave your hands,
Just move 'em side to side
Get up, are you ready now
To step into the light
Are you ready [Repeat x3]

You over there
Hiding in the corner
You don't be scared
All it takes is just one prayer
We're all together
Put your hands up in the air
I hope your ready now (are you ready)
We can take it to the street and
Make 'em ask for more
If you wanna live it loud let's hear you count to FOUR
Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro!
(repeat chorus)

Are you Ready [Repeat x5]
Stomp your shoes
It's not hard to understand
You know what to do
Come on and clap your hands

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Are You Ready Lyrics
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