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by Helm Of Awe
Single: Asatru
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Myths of the past ages
Keys to our inner selves
Seeking guidance and powers of reasoning
The names of my gods invoke wisdom and strength
I feel the warmth of the swastika
Rising from the cold earth
I trust in the answers received
For it is the voice of my blood that answers

But many follow religions and beliefs
Not born of the blood
Destroying the threads
Which bind man with nature
Kinsman with kinsmens
To follow a mythos and belief
Not born of the blood
Is damning yourself to eternal sickness

The blood of your future
Drifts aimlessly into a blackened abyss
For glory, for Odin
The voice of my blood strives to awaken
Thousands of years of experience and knowledge
Guided by Aryans having their own folk awareness
An essential part in life
Asatru, strengthening the people
Gave purpose, meaning, unity

A collective conscious of a proud kindred
Follow the voice of your blood
To hail the gods
Is to hail yourself
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Asatru Lyrics
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