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by A.v.b
Single: Blessed Messiah
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He was born to this world through a virgin
It was told that way centuries before
He opened the entrance of heaven
So strangers could pass through its doors

And few they would listen and less would believe
An invisible kingdom they could not conceive
He sufferred a death that purchased a crown for me

Blessed Messiah, my redeemer
You are the mighty King of kings
Blessed Messiah, my redeemer
My Lord Messiah came down to me

He spoke with the wisdom of angels
Of a kingdom that we could not see
And he promised we'd live there forever
If only through faith we'd believe

Wisemen still seek Him and no one can say
That this man named Jesus is not who He claims
He rose from the dead and He lives with me still today

Repeat Chorus

Through ages of time (ages of time)
Man did not see (man did not see)
Redemption so blessed and so free
I don't deserve (I don't deserve)
The gift that you gave (gift that you gave)
When you sent your Son to me

Repeat Chorus (x2)

My Lord Messiah came down to me
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Blessed Messiah Lyrics
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