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Clean-cut Ass-hole Lyrics

by Screeching Weasel
Single: Clean-cut Ass-hole
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You got a lotta nerve
Lookin' down your nose at me
Label me the dregs
Of a nice society
People's parents like you
And girls all shout your name
But you're a clean cut asshole
To me you're all the same
Listening to REM
Looking just like all your friends
Out in mom's car, drinking beers
Making fun of things
You don't understand
You really make me ill
'Cause you're Mr. Nice Guy
Straight A's in alcohol hittin'
All the parties
You and all your asshole friends
Scammin' on a young girl
Pull a train on her
And you feel like you own the world
You got no right tellin' me
That I ain't okay
College butt-fucks rule this world
And claim to be alternative
You're a fucking slimebag
I don't care what you say
You're full of shit
Go fuck yourself
I know what the truth is
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Clean-cut Ass-hole Lyrics
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