Cuz I'm Like Dat Lyrics

by Logic
Single: Cuz I'm Like Dat
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When I pull my hat down low
Then I know it's time to throw
On a funky rhythm so I flow
Now here we go
Follow me follow me follow me down the line
Walk strong, don't need a 9 on my waistline
Niggaz thought that I would slip but I got grip
My mic is loaded and my mind is filled wit many clips
So bring your bulletproof vest 'cause I'm a sharp shooter
Tear a hole in your ass like Roto Rooter
So step if ya want to step, step if ya want to
I'll bust your shit from here to Tijuana
The stage is mine wherever I wreck shop
And if you're steppin' to my crew
You're gettin' dropped
'cause I'm like dat

I'm home all alone got a thought in my temple
Writing to the rhythm 'cause to me it's kind of simple
To slam another jam while the dog is on the cut
You want to bust my shit but ya couldn't bust a nut
You're weak in you mind and your body's lookin' shabby
I'll be cooklin' in my limo while you're chillin' wit your cabby
I strive to survive forward is my motion
I hear a lot of noize what's all the commotion
Ya ain't sayin' nothin' just another sucka frontin'
Slide to the side or I'm gonna bust your fronts in
Cause a lot of damage
Nigga here's your bandage
Tried to hang wit gee ya just couldn't manage

Large is my crew
The crew is very large
Always got my back so I don't need a bodyguard
Wear the camouflage if it need to be worn
When I leave the stage you know the stage is torn
Word is born I can flow to the flow that is flowin'
Up the creek without a paddle ya wonder how I'm rowin'
Suckaz I be mowin' when the trucks come to a towin'
Better grab your girl heard that she's hoe'n
Real good looker ya gotta see the hooker
Saw her wit D-Smooth I wonder where he took her
I used to hang wit Danniel had a friend his name was Booker
Sucka tried to play me so I slammed like Jimmy Snucka
'cause I'm like dat

1993 the year of takin' no shorts
SSL crew playin' suckaz like a new sport
Or should I say a new game ya better learn the rulez
Back in '91 we got a rep playin' toolz
But some never learn
They never learn
When will they learn
Burn baby baby burn baby baby burn
Stay on the hush
'Cause we're settin' it off wit an old school bum rush
And I see another victim
So I stick'em and kick'em then lyrically I vic'em
Leave the mind to rust in the dust
As I bust another dope jam 'cause I must slam
When I got a mic in my hand
Don't want to a Grammy if ya can't understand
I'm deep like an ocean
Smooth like a lotion
I've got the notion prepare the potion
Drink while I think
Ya sink in my rhythm
Cling when I sing and get shot like the jizm
Ya ask how I'm livin', well I'm livin'
'cause I'm like dat

Lyrics transcribed by Diego Vanegas
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Cuz I'm Like Dat Lyrics
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