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Indian Outlaw Lyrics

by Tim McGraw
Album: Not a Moment Too Soon
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I'm an Indian outlaw
Half Cherokee and Choctaw
My baby she's a Chippewa
She's one of a kind

All my friends call me Bear Claw
Village cheatin' is my paw-paw
He gets his orders from my maw-may
She makes him walk the line

You can find me in my wigwam
I'll be beatin' on my tom-tom
Pull out the pipe and smoke you some
Hey and pass it around


I ain't lookin' for trouble
We can ride my pony double
Make your little heart bubble
Like a glass of wine

I remember the medicine man
He caught runnin' water in my hands
Drug me 'round by my headband
Said I wasn't the kind


I can kill a deer or buffalo
With just my arrow and my hickory bow
From a hundred yards don't you know
I do it all the time

They all gather 'round my teepee
Late at night tryin' to catch a peek
At me in nothin' but my buffalo briefs
I got em standin' in line

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Indian Outlaw Lyrics
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Ratings: 3.3/5 from 4 votes
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