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Let's Set Off (ddonaja) Lyrics

by 1TYM
Single: Let's Set Off (ddonaja)
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Lets leave far away, lets go, riding with the flowing music
Lets leave together to those white clouds

Saying I didnt want to study, mischievous me,
Being lazy and just a cigarrette smoker me,
I dont have any special talents
But I found these new friends
Their name is music
And the closest friend to me is HipHop
Whats that mean?? Dont ask--just listen
Dont listen-- just feel it. You'll know if you just feel it
If you see it, then live it. I live HipHop
I fill your empty cup with music
Not your lips, not your ears, not your smart brain
But drink with your heart

repeat Hook

When Im happy, it makes me happier
When Im sometimes sad, its always right by me
When Im high in spirits, it makes me more excited
When I get lonely, Its always next to me
Yo, a girls heart always changes
Everyone is just a plan to leave you
I just stupidly look up to the sky
The stories going around are so typical
So I'll tell you those typical stories through rap
Now this is my only happiness
This is the gift that the heavens gave to me

repeat Hook

The road we have to take is still far (Hey Hey Hey Hey)
Walk without stopping for an hour, for a moment (Hey Hey Hey Hey)
hehehe I feel so freee~ (Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey)
My life is beautiful because of music

Yo, its been 10 years since I walked with music in my hand
Its been 7 years since I left my house, wanting to do music
I remember when our first album came out, probally November of 98
Its been 23 years since I've been born in this world
And we're standing in the year of 2003
So from now on, lets all head towards the beginning
Lets go riding on the music Lets go!

repeat Hook
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