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by Stompin Tom
Single: Market Place
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The consumer, they call us, we're the people that buyWhile everyone else is out to sell, some kind of merchandiseWe run to the boss and tell him, we need a bit more goldSome tax deductions later, and we still wind up in the hole.Chorus:Oh, yes we are the people running in the race,Buying up the bargains in the old marketplace,Another sale on something, we'll buy it while it's hotAnd save a lot of money spending money we don't got.-we-X2The consumer they call us, we always get a fair shakeWe buy a fridge that doesn't freeze, and a stove that doesn't bakeWe can't buy nothing lasting les we get that raise in payAnd they'd only charge more for the things that cost us less todayThe consumer, they call us, we're fussy what we eat.We look at the price of the T-bone steak, and buy hamburg meat-In all those fancy packages they take down from the shelf-They're always full of good fresh air when they're not full of nothing else.Chorus:The consumer they call us, when the man comes in the doorTo give us a deal on the vacuum, if we buy a rug for the floorAnd how do we pay to finance? When the monthly bills arrive?They just send down the bailiff to reposess the car we drive...The consumer is what they call us, we're always deep in debt.>From buyin drawers in discount stores to fixin the T.V.set.We go to the bank for the money, and sign for another loan,And pray the Lord doesn't see us stop in the tavern half-way home.Chorus: repeat:Play melody on the guitar, and end.
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Market Place Lyrics
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