Mass Destruction P3 Fes Version Video

Mass Destruction P3 Fes Version Lyrics

by Shoji Meguro
Single: Mass Destruction P3 Fes Version
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I thought I told you to sit down
or get down
I'm about ta hit ground
When I'm in the box my hits way
outta this bounds
Nobody's topping me(You know it damn right)
Most of y'all loving me(Doing it all right)
Keeping my friends close
and my foes closer
Things getting messy but I never lick the nose up
As I get older, see things slower
My enemies looking like kids
And I'm the grown-up
Forget it, I'm the next masterpiece made
The new generation's coming with the beast Ace
But I'm the Mr.Nice guy
See me I'm a wise guy
Not a mafioso but I hustle like Mike
Lay low if you're feeling me,
I see, these beat freaks go crazy with me,
so put'em up in these breaks with me,
To shake with the man, L to the J's now follow me
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Ratings: 5/5 from 22 votes
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