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Now May i Morne As One Off Late Lyrics

by English 362
Single: Now May i Morne As One Off Late
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Now may I morne as one off late
Dryuen by force from my delyte
and can not se my louely mate
to whom for euer my hart ys plyte

Alas that euer pryson strange [5]
should such too louers separate
yet though ower bodys suffreth wronge
ower harts shalbe off one estate

I will not swerue I you Insure
for gold nor yet for worldly fere [10]
but lyke as yerne I wyll Indure
suche faythful loue to you I bere

Thus fare ye well to me most dere
off all the world both most and lest
I pray you be off ryght good chere [15]
and thynke on me that louys yow best

and I wyll promyse yow agayne
to thynke off yow I wyll not lett
for nothyng could relesse my payne
but to thynke on yow my louer swete. [20]
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