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Rodney's Glory Lyrics

by Ceili Moss
Single: Rodney's Glory
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On the day that I die, I will surely go to Hell
For I drank a lot of pints and loved a lot of women
But whatever may happen, I won't bow down in shame
Won't wipe the smile off my face

On the day that I die, I will surely fall apart
For each time I gave myself, I did it with a true heart
And if you think I was silly to burn my life away
It was mine to ruin anyway

ref.: Oh, come to me in the middle of the night
Come to me and make it alright
Come to me, I can't make it all alone
Come to me, let's make it our own
For if we give up our pride
Sure we will fail
Go, go, go beyond the pale

And the day that I go there to meet the one I'm from
I will tell him a few things that will surely make Him frown
And if He throws me in the lake, saying "son, you're doomed"
He'll still be the one to feel the gloom

On the day that I die, I'll have only one regret
For there might be some things that I'll haven't tried yet
But if regret is a tree, its leaves are burning red
It won't last long 'til it's dried dead


On the day that I die, I will surely see you there
All my friends and all my foes, they all will play the snare
And whatever comes next, it might only be good
As long as there's music and a little booze

On this last day of mine, I don't want to see you cry
I don't want to hear you mourn or despair or sigh
For nothing bad can happen as long as I have faith
As long as I don't give up my strength
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Rodney's Glory Lyrics
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