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and i wanna get high when i die like a rocket ship and im ...
Here's the full list of all the songs on the internet containing the lyrics: 'and i wanna get high when i die like a rocket ship and im gonna fly'.
Casey Donahew Band, Hunter S. Tabs, Chords
... Cadd9 I wanna get high when I die G Like a rocketship man, I'm gonna fly G A D Maybe find a highway and name it after me ... Lyrics: Casey Donahew Band: Casey ...
THE WANTED - ROCKET LYRICS - Song Lyrics - MetroLyrics
I want to fly Like a rocket to the sky Going up a million ... are my wings I'm flying Flying high Never gonna make my way down I'll make ... Die Young Lyrics;
Atmosphere - Get Fly Lyrics
Get Fly is performed by Atmosphere - Get lyrics, ... They want us to fight but we just wanna get high ... So who's gonna be my next door savior
Dot Dot Curve - Rocketship To The Moon Lyrics
... Get lyrics, music video & widget ... Like ZOOM X5 V2: Zoom on my rocket ship X4 Get the fuck up off my nuts you crazy jealous fucks ... Die Young: Ho Hey: Locked Out Of Heaven:
Jason Mraz You Get Me High song lyrics. These You Get Me High lyrics are ... gonna pick me back up and you get a' me high ... Because I feel like I am spinning ...
The Sim Redmond Band
... to fly Chorus: I wanna go higher than an aeroplane, ... farther than a rocket ship, ... you took me so high, you helped me fly You opened my heart, ...
Best Stoner Tune Lyrics! - Forums
Don't let the eye in the sky fly my way or we gonna have ... High till I die I wanna get high, ... hop in a whip and like bounce to the Ave. I get high cause im in ...