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KERSER LYRICS - The Reminder
Lyrics to "The Reminder" song by KERSER: Blunt jam packed rolled by a bad bitch She celebrating that I made it, I'mma have this I slept way p...
Kerser – C-Town Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
C-Town Lyrics [Intro] You tired again cunt? *Kerser and Nebs muttering* Ayo look, I'm gonna say some shit yeah? [Verse 1] A bad bitch tryna catch me with an eye wink
KERSER LYRICS - I Don't Know If You Know
Lyrics to "I Don't Know If You Know" song by KERSER: It's Kerser Yo They got me buzzin', Album 5 sounds like dynamite And when it drops another million...
Kerser Scott Vs Kers Lyrics
Kerser Scott Vs Kers Lyrics Hey there, unfortunately we don't have the lyrics of this song named "Kerser Scott Vs Kers" yet. However you can still listen to the song ...
Kerser - The Last Hope Remix Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Lyrics to 'The Last Hope Remix' by Kerser. Im the last hope do it it cos I can't cope fucking weird obsession gonna leave me with my heart broke, / plus last