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SLOW DOWN LYRICS - LIL' BOW WOW'-Bow-Wow/375AF7A1C9C846D348...
"Slow Down" Lyrics by Lil' Bow Wow: ... I probably touch down when the sun come in ... you know you can’t catch me, I’m all too fast on gas don’t chase me
Clyde Carson – Slow Down Lyrics | Rap Genius
... you know you can't catch me / I move too fast on the gas, ... – Slow Down lyrics; Highlight white lyrics and explain them to ... Prolly touch down when the sun ...
Wyclef Jean - Slow Down Lyrics
Wyclef Jean Slow Down lyrics ... We flyin high, but still can’t touch the sky ... Until you started telling now they talking big numbers
These Slow Down lyrics are performed ... way down) [LUPE] you movin too fast you movin too quick you heavy on the gas you movin too swift can't keep up the pace ...
Drake Slow Down song lyrics. These Slow Down lyrics are ... no I ain't tryina move too fast so I'm just gonna take it slow Girl I just wanna ... Don't Look Now Lyrics
Spice Girls - Stop Lyrics
Don't you know it's going too fast ... Don't you know why can't you see Slow it down, ... (Stop right now) I need somebody with a human touch