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For Every Man There's A Woman Lyrics
For every man there's a woman For every life there's a plan And wise men know it was ever so Since the world began, woman was made for man Where is she,
Does anyone know the lyrics to the hymn "Living Water"?
And I have no idea the lyrics or song title for that matter. It starts off something like 'there was a woman from samaria came to drink for jacob's well'.
Crabb Family Lyrics
Sat down to rest there on Jacob's well A woman passed by His way She didn't leave like she came She ran through Samaria This they heard her say Chorus:
Somewhere There's A Woman Lyrics
Somewhere there's a woman who needs me tonight And I know where to find her where the lights shine so bright She'll be sitting at the table with a chair
There's A Girl Lyrics
There's a girl that you might know She's a friend at least I tell you so But it might surprise you to find There's something going on behind the door