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Reuben Morgan - World Through Your Eyes Lyrics
Hold me near to You And let me see the world through Your eyes [ Lyrics ... world_through_your_eyes.html ] In this perfect hour I am changed I’ll never be the same Help me ...
If You Could See You Through My Eyes Lyrics
For you I'd give a life time of stability Anything you want of me Nothing is impossible For you There are no words or ways to show my love Or all the thoughts
Phil Collins - Look Through My Eyes Lyrics
HELP; login; register; lost ... Collins - Look Through My Eyes Lyrics ... You'll see, trust me, I'll be there watching over you! Chorus Just take a look through my eyes,
See Me Through Lyrics
Ah, yeah Ah, yeah, yeah Before we met I was free I never had to worry about anyone but me Now that boy is gone and in his place Is a man that needs to
Look Through My Eyes Lyrics
There are things in life you learn And oh in time you'll see It's out there somewhere It's all waiting If you keep believing So don't run Don't hide It